We value each of the therapists that we work with at JTL and are honored that many have shared comments for inclusion in this section.

Here are some examples testimonials:

I am pleased to have this opportunity to share my outstanding experience with JTL.  Working at JTL will provide you with a professional setting that is flexible, supported, engaging, and fulfilling. Having always worked full-time while employed in other clinical settings, changing family dynamics prompted me to search for a more flexible yet still stimulating schedule.  JTL was the perfect answer not only for the opportunity to arrange my own calendar, but to remain connected to and positive about the work to which I was dedicated.

 Further, the clinical support was outstanding.  While you are able to practice independently and your expertise is recognized, should you need assistance, it is nearly immediate and wise.  Whether I had a technical question or clinical query, working with all the staff at JTL was nothing short of positive and affirming.  JTL cares about its team and that will be apparent with all of your interactions.  Working at JTL will give you all of this, and also the opportunity to make a difference in your community, to support a mission that value and strives for competent mental health care for everyone, and for you to grow professionally.  For 2 years JTL was one of my professional homes, and it is one that still enhances my professional career today.

John Doe, LCSWCommunity-based Therapist, 2012-2013

Working as an outpatient therapist at JTL was an exceptional experience.  I found the office staff to be friendly and efficient.  The executive and clinical directors were both accessible and eager to assist with clinical questions.  When I needed input regarding a client, I always found the clinical feedback to be high quality.  JTL is an organization that strives to not only serve their community, but also become sincerely invested in it.

John Doe, LCSWCommunity-based Therapist, 2013-2014

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